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Spontaneous collab between Quokka and Bennie ( safetycache) while we play with the free trial of clip studio paint B)))

playin around with a new digital art process

style experiments with my number one anime bae

in honor of starting my 20th sketchbook, heres some choice selections from previous sketchbooks dating back to at least 7th grade… the first 3 are def from middle school and the other two are from freshman year

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a particularly romantic company retreat

im not gonna reblog all of these, but this is another casual reminder that i now have a ((sort of)) real webcomic !!!!

copic doodle of teddy and victoire i did late last night 

you know you’re in deep when u keep muttering “these dumbass nerds” lovingly as you draw

so tomorrow im almost definitely going to be finishing my current sketchbook and starting in on my [drumroooollll] 20th sketchbook!!!!!!!! yaaay!!!!!!!

im feeling all sentimental about my roots and shit so im thinking tomorrow im gonna have a couple blast-from-the-past posts of old sketches from my weeaboo days (plus some current stuff i need to scan ah)

if u dont wanna see my old stuff (altho itll be a hoot, promise) then blacklist “katies 20th flashback”

and Bad Comix Club is officially live!!

YES my smackjeeves is finally not Awful looking… now i just need to upload some comics


minho my darling dirt covered babe

((i finished the maze runner trilogy yesterday))

my son


headcanon that hook is actually REALLY GOOD with baby neal… he and emma have to take care of him one day and emmas like “sorry about this, babysitting is probably not in the pirate job description” but hook is just like

also a real quick ootd because im cute

HAPPY FOURTH!!! heres everyones fav lil usa baby

this is the last sketchdump for today promise

this is a lil scout ghost who haunts a cabin at a camp…. their name is madge and they are a MODEL scout they always keep their cabin tidy and do their exercises…. theyre a little lonely sometimes, esp in the winter, but in the summer they have hundreds of brothers and sisters to keep them company


last weekend benevolentwanderer came over and we watched lego movie!!!! i hadnt seen it before it was sO CUTE wtf..