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illustration wip for art class

ignore my nasty ass carpet ahah

Anonymous asked: How do I bring up/show others my art without feeling like I'm bragging?

oh this is actually something that i struggle with a bit too!!! i really like sharing my art but sometimes its like… i dont wanna shove my sketchbook in ur face……

some of the stuff that ive noticed works well tho is

A) fanart! when you draw something that lots of other people can relate to, it makes it a lot easier to bring it up and have it noticed~ obviously tho if fanart is just not your thing (and lots of people just arent into it) then dont force yourself!!!! your original art can be just as great and well-recognized, it just might take a while longer

B) art friends!! as an artist, i ADORE seeing other people’s art! it doesnt even matter how “”good”” it is i just really enjoy looking at what people are imagining and creating and i am FAIRLY SURE that the majority of artists feel the same~ im lucky enough to have some really good irl friends who are artists and writers and such, so we always share what we’re working on and its a lot of fun! if youre in any art classes or just around creative people, id be willing to bet that many of them would love to talk with you and look at your art~

and C) draw in public! (this is kiind of a cop out but im putting it here anyway.) even (or maybe especially) around nonartists, any sort of drawing can get recognized and praised. ive had random strangers comment on my art as i doodle at starbucks or on the subway or w/e and its simaltaneously a confidence booster and a tiny bit creepy, depending. clearly this isnt the way to go for productive critiques, but it can be fun to get some attention hehe

damn this got long
if this totally wasnt what you were asking and you wanted to know about showing people your Real and Finished and Serious art and not just casual stuff, you should talk to “headerz”. shes really sweet and has gone to a bunch of portfolio review days and would have a lot more to say in that area!

ive been so busy holy shit

but heres a bipper doodle i did on tegakie

watercolor and inking practice


im so fucked for this year

school started up again so my doodles did too

really quick summer painting i did for art class

observational studies from this summer



little hogwarts boys (playin around with a new inking style tooo)

hama my sweet darling ah…. i didnt expect to love her this much but i dO

hey im back sorry!!! i always like leave by accident ah…… but YEAH i have been drawing a lot so ill post some of the stuff ive been doing later

they’re the best apprentices hama has ever had….  but they’re also the worst…..

((these are some more ocs from the story im working on w my cousin!!!! the poofy haired girl is ala and her fellow apprentice is aaron- they’re mages in a tiny little village and they eventually go compete in a tournament and get sent out on a quest alongside a bunch of city wizards/warriors/generally cool people)

i always wanna draw right as i get in bed wtF
i would get up but my cousin is sleeping in my bottom bunk and i dont wanna wake her buh